How to Make It Happen No Matter What

The biggest mistake that moms transitioning from corporate to entrepreneurship is believing that everything has to be perfect makes that keeps them stressed and in chaos and how to move beyond. I get it for years in corporate you had the kids with a nanny or daycare and your home was not lived in i.e. looked it a model home. Then you were the together mom. Now you have decided to start your own venture to be at home with your own kids. And you decided to do it “cold turkey”, as in without the nanny or daycare. Of course it will work, because you have it all together. Until you realize that nap times can not always be productive and now you forsake sleep for a few good hours of focused work. It is now all coming to a head because your patience is running short, contracts are not closing or even getting drafted and your waistline is expanding.


It wasn’t supposed to be like this!


Something has to give, right?


How will you have the time to eat the meals at the right time and actually have meal time with our kids? When will you be able to manage your dreams (your other baby, the business) and maintain a healthy waist line? Will you be able to use all of that knowledge you have about nourishing with wholesome food, energizing your body with movement and how to implement that sweet talk?


Here is the formula. Start will this acronym: C.A.L.M.


Collect information – Know your seasons. When I say season, I don’t mean winter, spring, summer and fall. I mean we all go through different ‘seasons’ in our lives. For example, my seasons are Reflect, Renew, Replenish and Action – packed. In my reflect season, I journal more really looking at what works well, where I can improve and what needs to change. Maybe your seasons are Market Research, Implement, Launch, Follow-Up. Give the patterns of your life or business a name.

Act on it – Be intentional in each one. In Market Research season, be sure to match your research to a product idea and make the collection of data seamless. This gives you less stress as the surveys go out, come back and in information deciphering. This is a season to implement a meditation practice, food preparation techniques, and find two times during your day that you can exercise. One time could be mid-day to energize with weights and the second to slow down with pilates or yoga as part of your bedtime routine. Close your day with sleeping earlier by half an hour each night until it is a reasonable hour that will allow you 7-8 hours of sleep every night.

Linger – Take pause when it appears that external forces will take over your routine. This could be a very simple fix. Sometimes nature has a way of telling us to stop and be one with the moment. Let’s say you have an article due in the morning and you are within an hour of bedtime and the baby wakes up. If you take pause, you also maybe having a writer’s block moment and need the cuddle time to refresh and reboot your muse.

Manifest – Stay mind, body and soul in line with your desired outcomes. So you had to take a cuddle pause, get back to it or if your muse is also on pause reconnect with it in the morning. Nothing like a good night’s rest to reboot. I know you might think, I will throw my spouse at the baby and hammer it out. And how has that been working for you? You may be blessed with a super compassionate and supportive partner and it works. Or even so, you may end up pushing your body past its limits and suffer later in the week and fall off on something else. Manifest your self-care goals by simply taking care of yourself.

In short go from chaos to calm. Try it for a week and leave your comments below or connect with me at

Be Stress Free

In the health and wellness industry, the focus on weight loss needs to shift. Health is very individual and body image should not be the focus. What really matters is knowing how to eat and exercise for your body type. Being self-aware should really be the focus as especially for women our bodies change and evolve pregnancy to pregnancy and decade to decade. Less focus on ineffective and inefficient exercises and tasteless foods and more focus on quick efficient exercises and tasty foods using spices and herbs to nutrition the body.


The before and after picture needs to be done away with. I saw an excellent post on iG where a mom posted her before picture at 97 pounds and skinny and then 98 pounds and muscular. It shows that it is the quality of the muscles not the number on the scale. At 98 pounds, she looked much healthier and fit.

There is way too much push for HIIT or Crossfit or this type of diet vs that type of diet. A little bit of all types of foods are best. Don’t say NO to any Food…as long as it is natural and wholesome.

The notion that everything we need for the best fitness is in nature is missing. Instead of using pesticides in our gardens, learn how to grow combinations of vegetables together that repel bugs. Instead of staying inside when it is cold, go outside and see the wonders of nature while getting natural vitamin D and combatting SAD (seasonal affective disorder).

Small community women’s body wisdom circles and kitchen to share nourishing traditional meals will keep women healthy, self-aware and supported. All goals with be achieved: weight loss, reproductive and hormonal disorders and so much more. That is why I have created the Stress Free Sisterhood.


Come together with your sisters and free yourself from the status quo. Free your mind from shoulds, need tos and must be. Together with our sisters we will reach the best fitness of our life.


There are three levels of membership: Basic, Premium and Gold. Each level offers discounts, trainings and first access to new products. However, the higher the level the more opportunities to have one on one access to me, more trainings and deeper discounts.


**SPECIAL**Through the end of July, I will give a 90 minute – one on one session to the first ten who sign up the basic membership which does not come with a one on one session.


6 Thoughts that Will Make You Stress Less


The greatest weapons against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another. ~William James


If you are following me on social media, you know that I am doing 30 days of stress solutions. Each day I am publishing a quote by a thought leader, change maker or spiritual leader on solutions for stress. Then I will discuss it on, my FB page business page and publish a training on my YouTube Channel. I have been working hard a on course to help you find ways to stress less. It is called From Chaos to Calm. Soon I will have a From Chaos to Calm challenge, get on the waitlist here.

This is the quote for day 2. We don’t have to give into stress. It is a mind shift battle and the weapon is our thoughts. Are your thoughts causing you more stress or less? Is it the situation or your choice in the moment that is more stressful? What are your top six go to thoughts in adversity? How do you set your intentions for each day?


  1. My priority today is to make me thrive. If you just exist, that is not living. Choose to thrive. The definition of thrive is prosper and flourish. In order to do that we must start our day with the proper nutrition, like a breakfast with good fats, carbohydrates, and protein as well as some sort of movement.
  2. I will be forgiving with myself. Mistakes are the spice of life. In fact they have made whole shows about bloopers. That is real time quality entertainment if you allow it to be. Use your mistakes as comic relief and lessons learned. Being merciful with yourself will also help you to be more compassionate with others.
  3. I will be flexible. Life is action-packed and full of curve balls. Sometimes you have to duck, dodge or stretch to catch them. Don’t pick a spot and stay in it. Keep moving.
  4. I am worth it! Time is a disappearing commodity spend it wisely. If you have two minutes, use it to think positively. What do you have achieved today? How can I reward myself? Take a brisk walk, deep meditative breath or invest in life changing book.
  5. I will make it happen. Don’t wait for opportunities to find you go after what you want.
  6. I will smile. The best cure for a bad day is a smile. Try it. If you smile, notice how many people smile back. Not only that notice the change in how you feel.

Most of all if you are committed to ridding your mind of stress and chaos, join my From Chaos to Calm 5 Day Experience. See yourself successfully quieting the triggers and inner chatter.

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