October 13, 2017

Healing from the Inside Out

Suraya Sara is the founder of The Mindful Soul Academy, a safe online
space for Muslimahs to heal from their past pains. The Mindful Soul
Academy was formed because of Suraya’s own painful past of sexual
abuse and the realisation that there was very limited support for
Muslimahs who felt embarrassed, lost, guilty, angry, depressed and
anxious due to their unspoken abuse. Her goal is to empower women to
become the best versions of themselves so they can change their lives
and the lives of the next generation.

Women need tools to help themselves to be fixed and to be more
confidence to serve the world.

Connect with her at http://www.themindfulsoulacademy.com/

October 8, 2017

Sex and Releasing Weight

So what is this that I am hearing about women going without sex and wanting to lose weight? Sex is the best stress reliever and fat burning activity ever! So if you want to stress less and burn fat, you may want to rethink going without it. A ripple in your intimate relationship can kill you. Yes you need sex to stabilize your blood pressure, balance your sugar, detox your systems and to reframe your perspective. I know nice Muslim (or other religious) women don’t have these conversations openly.

Did you know that your morning workout is so much better when you have sex? Look at the benefits:

Metabolism is faster
Muscles more flexible
Less injury
Releases the psoas

Remember last week when I talked about the inflammation being a result of your body staying survival mode for too long? A tightened psoas does the same except the inflammation spreads through more body systems and may manifest in digestive, lymphatic and respiratory issues.

This muscle group reflects your deepest negative emotion, inactivity or overactivity. It is tied to your breath and posture. Shallow breathing results in poor posture resulting in digestive or respiratory issues. When everything is in order emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically, you will not have knee, lower back, shoulder or neck pain or headaches. You may have noticed that when you have a disagreement with a co-worker, loved one or sit too long you may feel completely ill. There is so much to share on this muscle group I may have to do a series. Just know that the regular release of the psoas can feel as good as sex even if you don’t have a partner.

So what’s the connection between sex and losing weight? That was just to get you to read about your psoas! The point here is to be aware of your body, posture and breath. If you feel sick and had a bad day at work, do some deep breathing.

October 6, 2017

Replenish Me Latest Shows on YouTube

YouTube Videos

We are all on a journey. This interviews are so inspiring. If you find that you need a coach for your journey connect with me. As you watch these stories, by clicking the highlighted links below to watch the videos or watch the embedded video, see yourself. Subscribe, Comment and Share.

Interviews with Coaches:

Laurent Amzallag, Personal Trainer


In this energetic interview with the Founder of Yala Fitness, learn strategies to make healthy lifestyle changes. For the past 15 years, Laurent has been Washington DC’s well sought after fitness expert. He was called to participate in Oprah’s “Live Your Best Life” tour and has been featured in ELLE Magazine along with numerous television and radio programs, most recently the Dr. Oz show.

He has also created his own high intensity workout called NRGY!15TM. based on 15 signature moves choreographed to energetic music.



Sarah Wood, Wellness Coach

In this heart to heart interview with Wellness Coach and Eating Psychologist, Sarah Wood, we talk about her journey to becoming a coach and the struggles of her community.


“I’m a mama of 2 wild girls, a certified health coach and teacher, and counsel in the realms of mind, body, nutrition as an eating psychology coach. I love what I do, I play everyday, I dance terribly but do it anyways, and love dark chocolate and trashy TV shows on CW.”


She has the Desire Mastermind and a free Facebook community. She is the founder of http://www.EmpoweredQueen.com


Personal Self-care Journeys:


Angela Mondor, Mom and successful entrepreneur

In this heart to heart interview, we talk about her self-care journey. She decided to hire a coach to feel better. Her focus was not on losing weight.


Entrepreneurs and Business Owners who ROCK Social Media is a supportive group of people who are looking to have fun while learning to use social media to attract new business and make more money.


This group is led by Angela Mondor, owner of www.GeekyGirl.ca


Amy Walker, Mom of a young family and successful entrepreneur


In this heart to heart conversation, Amy Walker reveals her decision to embark on the year of Amy. She shares having a new morning routine and periodic check ins with herself throughout the day, help to keep her being more loving and forgiving with herself.




Tiffany Simpson-Crumpley, Mom of a young family and successful entrepreneur


Tiffany is the Founder of Nia Unlimited Consulting, wife, mother who completed a 33 day challenge and shares the detail of how she did it. We discuss balance, harmony, self-care, choices, and so much more. The recording itself for us was a challenge. Listen in for real tips.




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