You Matter

Don’t let anyone infiltrate your mind and shatter

Your sense of worth and self

With every choice and thought don’t put your dreams on the shelf

Inside you is a knowing

You feel it and everyday it’s growing

To allow a shadow to hide it

Would be like finding a deep hole and jumping inside of it

And on your way down

All your aspirations, gifts and light you drown

Just because of some 🤡 clown

Projected his fear

Shut that out and actively change what you hear

Start with a sweetness from inside you

You know that beautifulness that has always been there to guide you

Make it into words like a Yes reserved just for me

Words that encourage and nurture and let you see

Without a pause, a smile and a dance

You will never have a chance

At the fulfillment in life that makes it worth living

Or even the abundance to keep giving

To all who you love

Or even anything above

A resentful style that twist and snarles

Making a disease grow inside you like endless quarles

In your mind screaming, “ I just don’t have the time!”

Time is life and life is sublime

Whisper back

For one sec

I will breathe and move for my heart

At least that is a start

Remember to close your ears to their chatter

Remember that you matter!

(c) 2017


For the Greater Good and Duty?


When you get married whether you are a man or woman, you don’t resolve to yourself to let yourself go. It can happen a little at a time as you get accustomed to being so intimate with someone on every single level of life every day of your life. Sometimes you want to have your own space and your own time. Somehow a little at a time over the course of your you forgave her for and let her have 5 minutes more of your time. Then you resolved that it is okay for you allow him to do that just once.


Before you knew it, five years passed and five minutes becomes an hour and all possibility for time alone for self-care seems impossible.

You start rationalizing that the kids need that time, that money, that effort. You rationalize that it is your duty and responsibility as a mother, wife or as a husband, father. You just have to put up with the pain for the greater good.


What nonsense!


Greater good? Duty?


The kids need a well-rested, clear-headed, emotionally stable, healthy (in mind, body and spirit) adults to model appropriate boundaries, habits and behaviors.


Look in the mirror is that you today? Be honest.


If you kick your bucket tomorrow, who will raise them or provide for them or love them?


Model self-love through sleeping on time, eating on time, laughing, playing with them, enjoying them, enjoying yourself, being forgiving with yourself, being forgiving with them…flowing with the harmony of life instead of resenting every moment of it.


How can you do that?


Sometimes I don’t want to cook but my little ones do so we do it together. Yes, it is a lot messier than I would like and takes longer… But since I didn’t want to do it anyway why not fool around in the process…hey I am the Mom. We laugh and play and get creative and explore different ideas and flavors and laugh and get to really know each other and have fun and eat wholesome food. In that relaxed environment, the clean up also becomes a game and then we wind down with yoga and reading time. And we all sleep…The next morning, yes the kitchen needs lots of attention but I can face it with a big smile remembering the fun. It is not a chore. I am not resentful. I want to do it. I want to remember why the pepper and salt is on that spot on the floor and turmeric on the handle of the stove. Five minutes and I am done cleaning and making breakfast.


Then I do a little workout before I go and wake the children with snuggles singing them awake.


I know sounds surreal and it doesn’t happen everyday but sometimes I just want to be the silly mom like a kid again. Don’t you?


Just that quick I slept well, nourished with wholesome food, fed it to my kids and exercised and laughed…and laughed and that laughter reframes my perspective for the day to come.


Be part of #thestresslessmom movement!

Of course, for the greater good and duty…

December 6, 2017

What is Gratitude?

I have recently returned from the Live Again Conference in Barbados where I had the honor to connect with so many beautiful people. From my hostess and bed and breakfast owner, Barbara to the conference organizer Karen McKee, island safari driver Junior (although we are still not sure of his proper name), to our keynote speaker Paul Carrick Brunson and his lovely wife Jill, everyone shared a gift with me. In the moment being with them, it was all consuming and self-actualizing.


Barbara, I call her the original Stress Less Mom. As she took me through her entrepreneurial journey in our first morning talk, I was humbled and enlightened seeing myself in parts of her story. We had a powerful spiritual connection.


Karen, so tirelessly, giving of herself yet willing to also being poured into by joining us on the island safari tour instead of bustling around with details. How often do we just keep going for the sake of ‘getting it all done’ and being unfulfilled in the end? She reminded me of my own words, “Replenish me!”


Junior entertained, educated and protected us from the prickles of the of the bush. Interesting historical fact about the island was how the bridges were constructed. Specifically, we went over a 300 hundred year old bridge impeccably held together with just stone, molasses and egg whites.  Whether he was just adopting a persona (the joke about his name) for the tour or truly being himself, the impact of our three hours with him will last a lifetime.


Paul opened his heart to the children on the island and then to us through his actions, ideas and words. Reminds me of a song by Akala, “Yours and My Children”…”kids Iraq, yours and my children, kids in Brazil, yours and my children”…He is the essence of how we should be as humans. Don’t just take from your world experience give back in every place and in every way you can!


Not surprising considering his loving, compassionate, partner in life, Jill who is the ‘molasses and egg whites’ holding together his whole operation. Quietly she observed, listened, smiled a silent knowing and awareness into us…a nudge that we are on the right path…an encouragement that we are as powerful as we think we are.


These amazing souls embody the definition of gratitude. Upon returning this poem awaken in my heart:


Peace In

Peace in Me

Peace in you

Peace in everything we do

Peace in my food

Peace in my mood

Peace in everything that is good

Peace in my life

Peace without strife

Peace in in everything that is right

And while I am inculcating an environment within that is peace

I am relating to others without cease

Emanating a release of compassion beyond belief


I am grateful for moving outside of my comfort zone. It is a choice that is so freeing. The other morning, I was feeling a little off a cliff not sure whether to create new ground for myself or to go with the float. Today, I have made the decision to create new ground and embody gratitude with these examples.


As Oprah Winfrey says, “When are at home with yourself, you are at your best.” That deep sense of knowing, comes with inner peace often defined as gratitude.


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