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How do you get more time, less stress and more energy?

Welcome to Workout Around My Day (WOAMD), a total self-nurturing system designed to help mothers connect more and stress less.  Workout Around My Day provides nutrition and fitness techniques that maximize your efforts in less time.  Its proven method helps break the cycle of emotional eating and overwhelm by equipping moms with the tools necessary to achieve life balance.

How would you like to feel lighter in your body?

Clearer in your head?

Easier in your day?

Sounds like a cruel joke doesn’t it?

As a mother of six, I know exactly how it feels. Yet here I am talking care of my family, running my own business, successfully zipping up my jeans. The best part is my business is helping you do the same.

If you are ready to discover creative ways to increase your energy, nourish your mind, body, and spirit while simultaneously reducing stress, Workout Around My Day is your answer.