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Why People Are Joining the Sugar Detox


Summer is here! It is parties, celebrations and weddings oh my…what is a girl to do? You worked so hard to look cute and with each event you are feeling more sluggish and your clothes get tighter.

More than just the vain reasons to join, what is the true toll that processed sugar is having on your life?

Are you sleeping well? Is that a daily practice or sometimes?

Are you often achy or cranky? Need some new mood food?

Can you think clearly? Or do you struggle with brain fog for must of the day?


If this sounds like you, my 5 Day Sugar Detox is for you! Detox to the rescue! Invite your friends!


Each day we will use one food to detox our body and one movement to energize your mood…and energize your body.

People are joining because while they eat “healthy”, the sugar overwhelms the good.

Join with a friend. We are better together and stay motivated!

Join for a better tomorrow. This is the only body you have treat it well.

Post your progress each day to score points for the prize announced on Day 5.

3 possible winners…No cooking or recipes just action steps to rev your metabolism.

The Grand Prize? Money...yes we are raising the stakes. When you click the buy now button below, the money will go into a pot for the grand prize winner!

Second prize: TBD

Third prize:  a t-shirt

Who is in?

Each day we will replace sugar one day at a time. No cold turkey challenge here!
Day 1: Feed your mood with a new snack and movement
Day 2: Cleanse the gut
Day 3: Replace with the Goodness
Day 4:Daily cleansing foods and movements
Day 5: Get More Energy

Even if you drink your sugar, I got you covered!
It starts June 26! 

Click the link below to sign up👇🏽



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