Have you been seeking balancing womanhood and the ability to put health first?

Need tips on managing life and inspiration?​

Do you desire consistency in portion control and cutting sugar?​​

You are not alone. I created the Stress Free Sisterhood for you…and me. See when I started my journey, I was all alone. So I decided to start a community…a true sisterhood. Change is always better and easier together especially in a judgement zone.

​So why is it a paid membership? Don’t you participate and use things that you actually pay for? 

​​For example, how many of you signed up for the change and did not actively participate? Yep! because it was free. Take your health to the next level.

 In the membership, you learn about how the food you eat affects your body, how the thoughts you think affects your body and how the amount of movement you do throughout the day affect your body. It is a holistic approach with a twist.

This is different because:

  • Each training allows you to reflect, try
  • The FB group allows you express results in a supportive group setting
  • Content will allow you to continue to build, grow and maintain

There will also be weekly live Q&A on Wednesdays the day we always want to give up!

There will also be live events for local members and next spring I am planning a retreat the weekend before Mother’s Day.

Live and online events will be:

  • yoga-dance classes
  • nutrition awareness classes
  • sister’s cooking circles


8 trainings, range from 5 – 8 weeks with 2-3 week breaks in between

4 challenges (5 days long) a year to keep you on track

There are two levels of commitment:

The regular membership is for you if you want to make a change but it is all new and don’t want to overwhelm yourself or if you have started to google your way to better health but are now confused and stuck

Gold is for you if you want to build a system of self-nurturing to the quantum level. Also includes a monthly check in call with me personally. (Click here to find out more.)


  • Quarterly challenges
  • Accountability
  • Access to trainings on nutrition, fitness and stress reduction
  • 10% Discount on local and online events
  • (Discounts apply retreats)
  • First to know about new products
      • 2 trainings a quarter
      • 1 – 90 minute one on one session per quarter($300 value)
      • 2 – expert masterclasses via zoom
      • bonus with one year commitment access to Beginning Steps course
      • affiliate bonus