Make 2018 the Year of You

You work so hard to be successful on the job or in your business…and you are rocking it. At the top of your game!

But there is an emptiness inside of you almost like a full body ache. You are successful but no one really sees YOU.  Even sometimes you don’t see yourself.

You tell yourself it’s okay because ‘appearances are everything’.  You appear to be fine.

Your children are doing well in school. They are healthy and never eat junk food or sweets. In fact, they are very successful in sports as well as academics.

You, however, on the sidelines often hide behind your Caramel Macchiato Vente with the extra shot and sugar. Who has time for breakfast when you can drink your  energy and melt your sadness away in this creamy delicious slice of heaven?

Your image consultant does wonders with helping you manage your façade and growing waist line. It makes you feel confident and accomplished sometimes. But at the end of the day you are still there with your thoughts. Your fears that someone will actually know that you are suffering and unhappy in your own skin.

It is your mind that inflames your Stress of perfection. You scramble to get healthy meals together for your family but struggle with eating it yourself. You justify it with telling yourself you need to reward yourself for all the hard work. Food is your comfort and curse.

The gap between you and your partner widens daily and you are helpless to solve that mystery.

Need to get away? Reserve your spot now!

Go where you are accepted and loved and truly seen. Melt away into the Stress Free Sisterhood. That will be the reward for all of your hard work!

Ease into the scene with a dance party the first night. The welcoming sister’s circle. Start the next morning with yoga. Let’s be honest, we haven’t moved that much in years and will need to stretch.

After breakfast, yes heavenly platters of wholesome goodness: fruits, vegetables, smoothies and simple energy bursting foods. You will get to work on that emptiness. Finally get to the bottom of the chaos in your mind that inflames your Stress.

What an intense session right? No worries off to the spa with you now for a massage. Find your Calm.

Then lunch. One more session to sort out the nutrition and meal planning issues.

Then a body wrap and end the day with dinner. If you want to talk it out in private, I will be available for your VIP session after dinner so that you can rest your mind and actually sleep.

Sound like the getaway you need?

Sign up for the Replenish Me Retreat happening May 4 – 6, 2018.

Imagine an exclusive resort, early spring, near lakes, rivers and mountains. A few good sister friends and truly connecting in a serenity circle.

Escape the hustle and bustle Friday night into a Soca dance party.

Be transported yet grounded the next morning with yoga. Start the day with wholesome nourishing food and walk it all off on a nearby trail.

Refresh with a body wrap and massage.

Practice sweet talk, be energized and replenished. Renewed on Sunday and ready to take on the world!

Sounds like the perfect pampering getaway? Space limited only for 10 special ladies. 

Dinner on Friday, All meals Saturday and breakfast on Sunday
Caribbean- African dance party Friday night
Two Spa treatments
Stress Relief Techniques
Effortless Nourishing Workshop
Signature Chaos to Calm Workshop
Double Room

Not included:
Transportation to and from resort

Third spa treatment

Make Deposit Now

Pay in Full

Say YES to self-nurturing

Say YES to morning yoga and tranquil spaces.

Say YES to effortless nourishing food.

Say YES to finding a better way to coping with your life.

Say YES to changing your life forever.

Say YES to mapping out and practicing new behaviors to create the life of your dreams.

Say YES to manifesting the relationships of your deepest desires.

Self-nurturing is about peeling back the layers of emotional, mental, spiritual and physical wellness. 

Say YES to nurturing yourself by signing up for the Replenish Me Retreat today!