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Let’s Get you from Chaos to Calm! Checklist here

Ever wonder how to get away from the chaotic inner chatter and to truly step into your purpose in this world?

Do you find yourself stress eating???? Find cooking overwhelming and end up at the fast food ?drive thru you swore off? Now are you feeling guilty that you succumbed again? Stop the madness.

Turn your Chaos into Calm. Are you saving time cooking by being in that long fast food drive in and they get your order wrong? Now don’t you wish that you have gone by the grocery store and picked up a few healthy items ???that you could cook to your satisfaction…while relaxing to your jam and dancing ?? off the Stress of the week?

If you are a very logical and successful woman in every area of your life but still feel empty, you need this

  • If you are doing it all right but have a massive wall between you and your partner, you need this
  • If you can not shut down the negative inner chatter, you need this

It’s like no matter how hard you try and no matter what you do, you are just stuck! Get started today!

As a mother of six, I know exactly how it feels to drag yourself around behind your family. Yet here I am taking care of my family, running my own business, smiling with a deep sense of fulfillment. Helping YOU create a system of self-nurturing to Stress Less IS MY Business!

Start your inner transformation to fulfillment with my course. You will have additional support in a closed FB group.

Going from chaos to calm will change your choices and reveal your super powers!


  • get you unstuck
  • quiet that inner negative chatter
  • create a firm boundary for external negativity
  • and most of all…
  • awaken your inner wisdom

My signature program, Chaos to Calm, was made for you.


“I found the Chaos Calm Course a great way to improve my health and daily routine. So i could manage myself and my responsibilities. Loved the tips on managing my workload and the pressures of working at home. Also how to fit exercise, self care and getting children involved with your work was inspiring! And taught me everything is possible and how it can be done.

By the way, I don’t have children but the course showed if parents can fit in a healthy routine I don’t have any excuse!

The two minute practical advice in each email helps to see improvements straight away!”

~Zahra Parveen

Following your program was awesome.  I started some new habits and incorporated on some I already had.  Thank you for sharing your information with me.  To help me make lifestyle changes and modifications…..I feel much better after eight days” ~Sharon Blount, mother of two

Like most people, I have a pretty active life. I am always looking for convenient and efficient ways to add value to living without creating busyness or chaos. Cordelia’s course supports this philosophy and directs me to new ways I can live lighter.

I especially enjoy reading the emails Cordelia sends out in the morning. There’s always a great tip in her content, like using laughter to ease the burdens everyday living can bring if we let it.

Cordelia has a joyous approach to healthy living and her gentle sense of humor always puts a smile on my face.

I highly recommend this course!”~ Lisa Illman, Entrepreneur

Beginning Steps to A Lifetime of Wellness

“I now know the difference between yogurt and yogurt. I bought some yogurt not the whole milk grass fed yogurt that Cordelia recommends, and was hungry within an hour. She knows how to get you to eat for less.”

~Annie mother of a teenager

Membership Options


1:1 Chaos to Calm Personalized Coaching 

Need more hand holding and prefer to work directly with me? Work one on one with me to achieve a lifetime of wellness. Whether for you it is stress reducing activities, eating habits, or exercise habits, let’s map out a regular maintenance schedule for you.

The best part is there are 6 sessions to get you from a bad attitude to gratitude.

This body is the only body you will ever have, and when it breaks, you can not buy a new one. However, you can stop the damage by reframing stressful situations, eating good mood foo and disconnecting from the fray. Go from Chaos to Calm now.