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Listen to what other mothers are saying about mentoring with me:

Like most people, I have a pretty active life. I am always looking for convenient and efficient ways to add value to living without creating busyness or chaos. Cordelia’s 8 Day course supports this philosophy and directs me to new ways I can live lighter.

I especially enjoy reading the emails Cordelia sends out in the morning. There’s always a great tip in her content, like using laughter to ease the burdens everyday living can bring if we let it.

Cordelia has a joyous approach to healthy living and her gentle sense of humor always puts a smile on my face.

I highly recommend this course!”

~Lisa Illman 


I can’t attest enough just how the personalized support from Cordelia has helped improve aspects of my overall health and well being. She is thoughtful and prescriptive in offering practical advice. She has become my favorite go-to person for well researched, solid natural remedies!


S. Knight, mother of two

Thank you for offering to meet each one of us where we are! Big hugs to you and as someone who has worked with you 1 on 1 and in courses, I highly I encourage others to jump on this offer!~

Alexsandra S, author Pain Free to College

Take Care of You Course – What students are saying:

Cordelia Gaffar is the real deal. She is smart, experienced, capable and inspiring. With 6 children, she knows the importance of self-care. In the “Take Care of You” mini-course, Cordelia walks you through 8 key tips to help you stress less when dealing with day-to-day triggers. I really enjoyed the video modules as Cordelia’s delivery style is calming and grounded. In just a few minutes, Cordelia offers a combination of information, stories, encouragement, and motivation. She includes examples from her own life which make the tips more memorable and impactful. This course is straightforward and can be easily implemented. The PDF Guide, Workbook/Journal and “8 Stress-Less Tips to Live By” Bonus all work well together to provide a clear framework that can help you to notice your triggers and “work around them” in a new way. It’s a great mini-course, that has the potential to have a lasting impact on your life and those around you.

by Stefanie Rennert


“I now have structure in my day and the kids enjoy the food we eat. I chose her program because I wanted to make a shift in my life.”

Kimberly A., mother of 3

When I signed up two weeks ago, my goal was simply to be healthy. I started using Cordelia’s herbal tea mix, meal plan and workouts. Then I went for my check up with my doctor and she said that my lungs had improved significantly. Now I plan to try and lose weight.

H. Khan, mother of 3 and grandmother of 4

“I attend many health and wellness webinars and Cordelia definitely is superior. She not only gives you why you should make different choices but provides an alternative.”

R. Shareef, nutrition enthusiast

Editor of Aaila magazine online “I am honoured to know her through our work together for Aaila magazine. MashAllah she has written some great , well-researched articles for Aaila community.” Wishing her all the best inshaAllah .

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