Are you thinking how can I Replenish Me?
The answer: In 12 Easy Steps 

The purpose of this mastermind is to help female entrepreneurs and current corporate executives to replenish themselves so that they can stay in tuned with their mission and purpose and powerfully impact the world.

We get to work together and pull back each layer which is preventing you from your true purpose and fulfilling your vision. Here’s a snapshot of what you get:

A way to organize your thoughts and implement the reframe simultaneously

A safe and powerfully compassionate community

Weekly group session via zoom 

Access to me in the private Facebook group and in monthly 1:1 sessions

Discounts on retreats and much more!

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When women come together for the greater good we can change the world. 

Did you hear the news? I am part of a powerful collaborative effort with Oprah Winfrey, Melinda Gates and Malika Chopra and 46 other very accomplished women. America's Leading Ladies gives you powerful stories and tools to continue with your mission in a challenging social and political climate!

You’ll also get parenting tips, chronic illness managing strategies and so much more!

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Cordelia Gaffar is a Transformational Business Consultant helping female entrepreneurs to replenish themselves so that they can stay in tuned with their mission and purpose and powerfully impact the world.

After leaving her corporate career as a controller for an IT start-up, she decided to homeschool her children. Over the years she discovered that the ability to learn is directly related to emotional intelligence. After 12 years of studying and implementing those techniques with her children became her mission to help women to do the same. 

She also serves as the Social Media and Branding Chair for ALL USA Entrepreneurial Chapter. She has been selected for the Powerhouse Global Award and designated a Global Goodwill Ambassador Humanitarian for the USA. She is also a registered United Nations volunteer, award winning author and speaker, Certified in Sports Nutrition, hostess of  the Replenish Me podcast, Founder of Workout Around My Day and mom of 6.

 She offers 1:1, group coaching programs and the Sweet Talk Tribe for Aspiring Influencers. 

"I created the Sweet Talk Tribe for Aspiring Influencers, using frequent challenges I see clients experiencing. From owning their emotional story, being firm in valuing the power of their existence, to allow in only what honors them and how to create a sustainable system of self-nurturing."

Finally, being able to create a flexible template, which enables them to adjust during a difficult situations, confrontations, toxic relationships and stressful times.

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Starting in 2020, she will take Cordelia's Replenish Me Live on the road. She is seeking partners around the world. As a partner, you get:
Revenue share,
Brand awareness 

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Client Love

This 5 day experience was so much of a body soul shift experience for me. Each topic experience has given me a deeper connection within myself, the growth of building me and focusing more on building my empire of self -care and self-awareness. WandaSweet Talk Tribe Member

Now that I use Sweet Talk, I am more compassionate with how I communicate with others. Michelle Peace, Body Soul Shift client

She helps women around the globe to navigate through their lives and finding them self in a place of calm instead of the normal darkness we put our self to

~Aishah Adeoye

Cordelia is an amazing example of living and giving from the overflow.  Everything she teaches she lives and truly believes in.  She is an uplifter and spreads her words with intent and precision to assist others in the life developmental process. Cheryl Menifee

Cordelia reconnected me to the infinite source of power in the pit of my womb and slowly guided me and everyone in the audience back to life with her delectable and wholesome good mood food, the tantalizing deliciousness of her talk, and the sensual vitality that started to stream back in her body. I could easily imagine the rich, nourishing and creative the  smorgasbord of services she is able to cook up in her kitchen and healing sanctuaries if this was just the appetizer. The raw and powerful feelings she invoked in me will never be forgotten.

Loraine Van Tuyl, PhD, CHT,  WomanSpeak International Festival Attendee, April 2018

She is so real. Great coach, down to earth, authentic. Talks about relatable situations. Offers practical advice. Very helpful~KeKe Mokoena