Wednesday 17th October at 2pm UK timeCaroline Matthews and I will be talking all about STRENGTH,

Why us women lack in this department, 
why its so important to have strength, 
this is one of her 6 pillars in her programme so listen for details of that too as well as my take on strength, how I have overcome it.

It will take place here on my personal page!

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I guide women to calm by  nourishing with wholesome foods, thoughts and choices.
Food is our medicine and nourish our bodies and brains.

Body Soul Shift

Energizing with the Body Soul Shift connects body to emotions to use them as a power source.

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Sweet Talk

Sweet talk is an epic adventure that will make your mind an ocean.
Whisper something nice to feed your soul.

What do I do and how can it help you?

I  help women to calm their chaos...

through gaining self-compassion, self-forgiveness and clarity so that can harmonize work and life. ​​​​​​​

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5 Day Experience
My Calm the Chaos 5 Day Experience will be October 22!
Are your thoughts moving a million miles a minute and raising your blood pressure or keeping you awake at night? Reframe your perspective with Sweet Talk and being yourself to calm.

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Self-nurturing is about peeling back the layers of emotional, mental, spiritual and physical wellness while mapping out and practicing new behaviors to create the life of your dreams.

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Online Program
Self paced online version of the group coaching program.

You create a new language in your mind. Language starts in the body, so we actually move things out and bring the new in.

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Group Program
Over 5 weeks, I will show you how to create a new language in your mind. Language starts in the body, so we actually move things out and bring the new in.
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Sister Love

Cordelia Gaffar has been there. After her second child, the intensity of the physical and emotional demands of motherhood left her depressed, run dry and seeking answers. She did not find them in the medical community but rather in the sanctuary of her own kitchen. Now, 6 children later and running her own business, Cordelia is a woman that radiates deep health and a well of rich love. Her message is a timeless one for all of us in this world of demands, responsibilities and the pursuit of dreams. She is an enchanting storyteller and a deep wisdom teacher for these times.  ~ KC Baker, Thought Leadership Coach, Speech Writer, and Founder at WomanSpeak

Cordelia's style is calm and low key but the full body workout will sweat out your curls...love you girl!  Majida Hobbs, Body Soul Shift participant 
Cordelia Gaffar is a woman enthusiast, who genuinely cares about the wellness of women, her one on one coaching has helped me tremendously to achieve a healthier lifestyle in particular to turn my chaos to calm. Her quiet demeanor is calming and inspires you to breath easier. She is amazing. Biola Olaitan, 1:1 Personalized Coaching Client

The Body Soul Shift is a great shoulder release! Working with you over the past six weeks has brought me to calm. R. Shareef, Personalized Coaching Client

"I started working with Cordelia at the beginning of April because my skin was completely inflamed. In just 3 weeks, I saw immediate improvement with my personalized nutritional program."
~ Idil Hope, 1:1 Nutrition Coaching Client

I love how you take us from where we are to where we want to be with ease.​​​​​​​ ~ S​​​​​​​alma S.

Cordelia reconnected me to the infinite source of power in the pit of my womb and slowly guided me and everyone in the audience back to life with her delectable and wholesome good mood food, the tantalizing deliciousness of her talk, and the sensual vitality that started to stream back in her body. I could easily imagine the rich, nourishing and creative the  smorgasbord of services she is able to cook up in her kitchen and healing sanctuaries if this was just the appetizer. The raw and powerful feelings she invoked in me will never be forgotten.

Loraine Van Tuyl, PhD, CHT,  WomanSpeak International Festival Attendee, April 2018

Cordelia's challenge is a great way to begin the process of reconnecting to prioritizing health and self-care for busy women. " DeAnne,  Challenge participant

Cordelia Gaffar is the real deal. She is smart, experienced, capable and inspiring. With 6 children, she knows the importance of self-care. In the “Chaos to Calm” course, Cordelia walks you through 8 key tips to help you stress less when dealing with day-to-day triggers. I really enjoyed the video modules as Cordelia’s delivery style is calming and grounded. In just a few minutes, Cordelia offers a combination of information, stories, encouragement, and motivation. She includes examples from her own life which make the tips more memorable and impactful. This course is straightforward and can be easily implemented. Stefanie Rennert, Chaos to Calm course participant