2019 is about tuning into you...ONLY YOU AND VERY DEEPLY!

I'm Ready
January 28th

How to Release Negative Patterns
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We're going to show you...
How to embrace a new concept
Do it daily
Embrace a new habit
Release the old pattern
Warning: Space is limited and these LIVE trainings always fill up because they are significantly better than the information others charge you thousands for...even though they are free.
This one will be no exception. So claim your spot below!
1:1 coaching

We'll work together for 12 months because I recognize that transformation is a journey.  It's personal and each of us has our own individual path.  Those underlying beliefs are sneaky and often what truly unlocks our next level of growth.  I'll be working with you to create your scalable system of self-nurturing, self-compassion, Sweet Talk, Play and Flow

- Get access to Sweet talk Tribe
- 9 Month Mastermind
- All 5 Week Intensives
- Annually Retreat
- Much more

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Self-nurturing is about peeling back the layers of emotional, mental, spiritual and physical wellness while mapping out and practicing new behaviors to create the life of your dreams.

For more information and to book me go to my

speaking website.

The Book
Get the book that started it all.
It is part story, part workbook and part cookbook with wisdom on nutrition, fitness, time structuring and self-nurturing sprinkled throughout.

Delicious ethnic dishes, gluten free and sugar free recipes.

Get your copy here.


Sweet Talk Tribe

Would you love to learn Sweet Talk?

Sweet Talk is the language which emerges from your heart when you value the power of your existence over other’s opinions.

I have put together the Sweet Talk Tribe to

🥰Adapt key words that shift your soul
🥰Feel the difference in your body
🥰Move your heart and mind towards your ultimate purpose all with sweet talk.

Sound like the place you want to be?

Join Here

Let's play!
Ready to have fun?
Could you use a Body Soul Shift?
I developed a  program for women to truly drop into their bodies and hearts and enjoy all the sensualness of being a woman in 5 easy steps. Click on the button below to take the quiz.
This week on the
Replenish Me Radio Show

Kathryn Jones  is an Author-Motivational Speaker-Coach who helps women lead with authenticity so they can take charge of their work & life. In our interview we will discuss how important it is to support women who are starting or growing their business.

Join us tonight at 7 pm EST in this previous episode. Listen here


Sister Love

Self nurturing is something I know I could do more of without feeling any shame or guilt for putting myself first. Reminders like this help a lot. Thank you Cordelia. So grateful to have stumbled into your vortex xx Anne Ryan, Business Mentor and Mindset Coach, www.anneryanstrategist.com

This 5 day experience was so much of a body soul shift experience for me. Each topic experience has given me a deeper connection within myself, the growth of building me and focusing more on building my empire of self -care and self-awareness. WandaSweet Talk Tribe Member

You really have a gift for meeting people where they are!  Andrea Ramino Warren, Body Soul Shift participant 
Cordelia Gaffar is a woman enthusiast, who genuinely cares about the wellness of women, her one on one coaching has helped me tremendously to achieve a healthier lifestyle in particular to turn my chaos to calm. Her quiet demeanor is calming and inspires you to breath easier. She is amazing. Biola Olaitan, 1:1 Personalized Coaching Client

The Body Soul Shift is a great shoulder release! Working with you over the past six weeks has brought me to calm. R. Shareef, Personalized Coaching Client

I started working with Cordelia at the beginning of April because my skin was completely inflamed. In just 3 weeks, I saw immediate improvement with my personalized nutritional program.
~ Idil Hope, 1:1 Nutrition Coaching Client

I love how you take us from where we are to where we want to be with ease.​​​​​​​ ~ S​​​​​​​alma S.

Cordelia reconnected me to the infinite source of power in the pit of my womb and slowly guided me and everyone in the audience back to life with her delectable and wholesome good mood food, the tantalizing deliciousness of her talk, and the sensual vitality that started to stream back in her body. I could easily imagine the rich, nourishing and creative the  smorgasbord of services she is able to cook up in her kitchen and healing sanctuaries if this was just the appetizer. The raw and powerful feelings she invoked in me will never be forgotten.

Loraine Van Tuyl, PhD, CHT,  WomanSpeak International Festival Attendee, April 2018

Divine timing for me...I really needed to finish the healing process. Kim P,  5 day experience participant