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Replenish Me Radio Show

Episode #18 Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Balancing Nutrition, Exercise and Mindset with Endometriosis

with  interview with Michelle Louise Brookes!

I am happy to discuss a condition that many women may not know they have or suffer with silently, endometriosis. Michelle Brookes, who has endometriosis herself, helps  ladies with endometriosis live a happier, healthier life. Her mission is to provide them with a tailored plan that will help them control the condition, not it control them.

I met her at the end of last year in an online course about LinkedIn where she has her own LinkedIn group.

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Recreate your story with a proven method and sustainable tools.

Are you a woman who is making a serious impact in the world however, your health or emotional state is suffering?

 Lean into the power source within you.

 Would you like to learn harmony, or balance as you call it, in life and work?

 We are truly divine! Somewhere we stopped believing it or buried it. In my year long, step by step group program, we implement tools that are uniquely feminine. Like using loving and kind words, firm redirection, time and space to process and holding space for others.

This is a community of women who are striving to unlock their gifts and seek sisterhood. Historically women were not just the keepers of resources, but also held private spaces for each other during the monthly cycle, pregnancy, delivery and marriage. We have misplaced those qualities somewhere in our heart and tilted in favor of something strange and unfulfilling.

 Step into the feminine which empowers, strengthens and offers wisdom. Allow her a presence in your life.

- Embody what it takes to be a leader

- Redefine Influencer

- Make an action plan

 When we choose to embody those qualities, we rejuvenate life in our heart, body and mind. We effortlessly nurture our souls, and radiate love from a place deep within.

So…where do you start?

 Right here, with The Body Soul Shift Tribe

I created the Body Soul Shift tribe, using frequent challenges I see clients experiencing. From owning their emotional story, being firm in valuing the power of their existence, to allow in only what honors them and how to create a sustainable system of self-nurturing.

Finally, being able to create a flexible template, which enables them to adjust during a difficult situations, confrontations, toxic relationships and stressful times.

How does The Body Soul Shift Tribe Work:

I use the words Body Soul Shift for good reason.  I wanted to take my unique message and self-nurturing style to the world, to connect on 1:1 and mentor people internationally.  I wanted to build a lifestyle that enabled me to create opportunities to world school my six children.

To do that – I needed to have a Body Soul Shift.

The Tribe works like this:
  • Once a week I share learnings and advice relevant to scalable self-nurturing and being fulfilled. It’s who you need to be to invite that in.

    Every week I run a group training session relevant to your feedback and ending in Q & A

    Post homework in a secret FB group

    This is also where we connect and decompress

    Access to International opportunities, including Speaking, Podcasts and Web Events.

    Free access to my workshops across the world

Who’s it for?

Women ready to make an impact in the world

Women ready to understand how to heal, embody the power of owning our emotional stories and flow into their ultimate purpose.

Women who want absolute clarity in their life, being able to speak powerfully in the moment and express the value they possess.

What we cover:

- How to nurture your body to be an influencer

- How to nurture your soul to stay the course

- Building strategic and meaningful relationships and alliances

- Opening the door to opportunities

- Creating more flow in the process

- Create a signature experience that separates you from the rest

- How to strategically build an emotional intelligence and awareness.

- Building a scalable system of self-nurturing specific to you

- Growing with a community of women on the same path

Benefits of Working with Cordelia Gaffar

- Embody being an influencer

- Creating and implementing a plan of action

- Access to opportunities to make it a reality now

Sixteen years ago, I set out to heal myself from postpartum depression, inspire women to powerfully use their gifts, and world school my children. I am now an influencer in my own right and helping other women to be the same.

Begin your healing today!

Cordelia Gaffar is a Transformational Coach inspiring women to be influencers and positively impact the world.

She also serves as the Social Media and Branding Chairperson for ALL (All Ladies League) on the Entrepreneur committee for the USA and as a member of the same committee for UK WEF. Award winning author and speaker, Certified in Sports Nutrition, hostess of  the Replenish Me show, Founder of Workout Around My Day.

Her mission is to help women to use the  Body Soul Shift, so that she can radiate her true self and be aligned in all areas of life. She offers 1:1, group coaching programs and self-paced online programs.


Client Love

Self nurturing is something I know I could do more of without feeling any shame or guilt for putting myself first. Reminders like this help a lot. Thank you Cordelia. So grateful to have stumbled into your vortex xx Anne Ryan, Business Mentor and Mindset Coach, www.anneryanstrategist.com

This 5 day experience was so much of a body soul shift experience for me. Each topic experience has given me a deeper connection within myself, the growth of building me and focusing more on building my empire of self -care and self-awareness. WandaSweet Talk Tribe Member

Now that I use Sweet Talk, I am more compassionate with how I communicate with others. Michelle Peace, Body Soul Shift client

Cordelia is doing important work helping women find peace in their mind and soul. Her podcast bridges the gaps between Muslims and non Muslims in a time where Muslims are seen as the 'bad' other, yet she is showing up working side by side with her non Muslim counterparts demonstrating by being part of the solution that in face we are all together in this journey of life...she is tackling 2 key issues in one, emotional wellbeing and harmony in a diverse society.
Kathryn Jones http://kathrynljones.com

She helps women around the globe to navigate through their lives and finding them self in a place of calm instead of the normal darkness we put our self to

~Aishah Adeoye

Cordelia has the most wonderful message and style of questioning that calls on her intuition to connect with the energy of each person on the podcast to create some auditory gold. A beautiful gift she has
​​​​​​​Dani Strong http://www.danivitality.com/

​​​​​​​Cordelia is an amazing example of living and giving from the overflow.  Everything she teaches she lives and truly believes in.  She is an uplifter and spreads her words with intent and precision to assist others in the life developmental process. Cheryl Menifee

Cordelia reconnected me to the infinite source of power in the pit of my womb and slowly guided me and everyone in the audience back to life with her delectable and wholesome good mood food, the tantalizing deliciousness of her talk, and the sensual vitality that started to stream back in her body. I could easily imagine the rich, nourishing and creative the  smorgasbord of services she is able to cook up in her kitchen and healing sanctuaries if this was just the appetizer. The raw and powerful feelings she invoked in me will never be forgotten.

Loraine Van Tuyl, PhD, CHT,  WomanSpeak International Festival Attendee, April 2018

She is so real. Great coach, down to earth, authentic. Talks about relatable situations. Offers practical advice. Very helpful~KeKe Mokoena


Who is the Body Soul Shift Tribe for?

Women ready to make an impact in the world

Women ready to understand how to heal, embody the power of owning our emotional stories with Sweet Talk ™and flow into their ultimate purpose.

Woman who want absolute clarity in their life, being able to speak powerfully in the moment and express the value they possess.

Women who want to step into their future self right now and speed up the process.

Anyone desiring to have clarity on the biology of emotions, thoughts and formulate a consistent way to invoke it in the moment. Sweet Talk ™ is a gamechanger!

Anyone desiring a permanent shift.

Claim your spot below!