thestresslessmumWelcome to Workout Around My Day!
 This is a total system of self-nurturing for mothers. Take a stand for their health…and stress-less. We can work together to find quick tips for you whether with meltdowns, healthy meals, fitness or sanity. (We will talk more about that later, though:)

You are finding yourself here because you know that you rock as a Mother and a professional but somewhere along the way you gave into frustrations. Then console yourself with trail mix which is healthy right?…Yes, just not with M&Ms in it. 

As a mother of six, I know where you are and feel your frustrations with the grocery shopping. Is there a husband in the world who can do it right? There is tell of one and he blogs about it. The fact is that mothers can only give from a full cup and lead by example. Your children are watching you. 

Quite simply I want you to find the balance and time to make health, exercise and self-nurturing the forefront of your life as I have.

Are you a mom that wants to stop the cycle of overwhelm, stress eating and self-doubt? Do you wish to race your kids in the park and not huff and puff behind them? You can do it! Let’s start today!

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Don’t hide your greatness another day…you are worth it and deserve so much more. Put down the mindless stress eating food and beverage and renew your inner self. Connect more and stress less!

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